TV Shows

TV brings families together, and we at Kreative Access Media truly recognize the power of this platform. Our team works closely with clients to conceptualize and produce novel shows. Our Pre-Production team creates scripts, crafts storyline and develops storyboard. Kreative Access Media’s forte is ‘Brand-fit’ TV shows, and we creatively integrate the key ‘brand’ messages in the show making it a value proposition for the show Sponsors.

Kreative Access Media Producers organize and coordinate each element of the show’s production and keep them all in sync on a set timeline and within budgets. Our Production is orchestrated by efficient crew members from experienced Directors and DOP to expert Sound and Light technicians, who ensure that the best output is generated as part of the Production effort.

Kreative Access Media’s in-house Post-Production team handles the video editing (offline and online) including setting the show timeline, and sound mixing, dubbing, and Dolby mixing, and Video color correction. We also manage the motion graphics and incorporate VFX & SFX. Our team also works closely with the Tech check teams at the GECs (Indian Channels) to ensure that the shows are packaged based on best practices guidelines outlined by the Channels, and the shows are approved for transmission on the Channels.

Kreative Access Media also works closely with leading Move Production houses, and Music Label companies in India, on the procurement of the movies songs and clippings, if it is a requirement to be integrated as part of the shows.

With our ongoing relationship with GECs, we work closely with the channels, to negotiate the best pricing for show slots for shows on their platform.